La Lucia

Mosaic form:

Authors: Children of Blevio’s primary school

Year of publication: 2018


Information about the work:

Work realised by the children of the primary school of Blevio, with tiles donated by the Day Care Centre for Disabled of Cerbaiola.

"The Betrothed" was the book on which the children developed various activities in the school year 2017/2018. The typical boat in which Lucia and Renzo flee in the night takes the name of the protagonist of Manzoni's work.

Children: Tommaso R, Sofia A, Corrado, Giulia, Camilla, Samuele M, Claudio, Riccardo, Noel, Rebecca,
Nicolas, Miriam, Melissa, Samulele I, Mateusz, Massimo, Martina, Marco, Lucrezia, Samuele F, Linda, Lily,
Giovanni, Giorgio, Gioele, Alissia, Chiara, Adam, Eros, Demetra, Diego P, Gianluca, Gabriele, Eugenia, Diego
PM, Daphne, Daniele, Sofia F, Tommaso M.

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